The Best Mini Golf Course on the East Coast!

"We've played Mini Golf all over the place but this Mini Golf is definitely my favourite. Challenging enough to be competitive but not so hard that kids in the group in front of us couldn't play as well. We love the way the ball gets sucked or blown up the pipe at the end of the round. Very nice touch. Sculptures were really cool. The place is clean and the staff were reallyfriendly and took a photo for us on the podium at the end. It was pretty busy because of the holidays but it didn't have to wait long at all. We were told that lunch and dinner times are generally a bit quieter so if you're playing in a smaller group, it's suggested to come during these times. We didn't mind the business. It was great getting to chat to people in front and behind us and we all had a good laugh at each other's bad shots and cheered when we got a good shot or hole in one.” – Phill D.

“One of the best and interesting courses we have played on during our travels. The complex has an 18 hole themed course, which is well maintained by the owners. The holes are challenging and certainly test your skills. Suitable for people of all ages” – Trevor S.

“This mini golf is amazing! From the moment we walked in, the customer service was on point. Even though we are in our thirties, we unashamedly had a blast at this place.
If you love mini-golfing, this spot takes it to a new level, the 18th hole has to be seen to be believed. We came last Saturday and it was busy, but the crowd was polite and respectful, ranging from date nights, friends' night out, to family fun - it was nice seeing a diverse set having a great time. The course itself is clean (along with the bathrooms) and the staff were very friendly & helpful. I loved that they offered to take a couple of photos on the podium #BBminigolf. Thoroughly recommend to people of all ages.” – Renee H.

“The holes are unreal! I love my mini golf but never have I been on a course like this! The staff were so friendly too.” - Georgia M.

“Great Mimi golf course, looks small but set up very well! Each course is fun and unique keeping the kids entertained along the way! We visited early evening and got through the course in under an hour! Staff are friendly and helpful and very patient with the young kids (who lost their ball a few times) 
We visit every year while in Batemans bay and every year they improve the facilities!” – Miranda T.

“Our family had a great, fun time here. Best mini golf venue I've played at. Love the last hole, very quirky.” – Mandy S.

“This mini golf place is fantastic. 18 holes of pure fun and enjoyment. We played with our two young daughters and it is good for anyone of any age. Lots of tough holes that provide lots of laughs as you go around the course. It is a very clean and well run facility. Pricing is reasonable - it was $45 for 2 adults, a toddler and a child. Definitely worth visiting if you are in Batemans Bay. – Belinda T.

“We quite often hold social evenings here for something different, or when friends or family come for a visit it is great fun for all ages.” – Kerry P.

The holes were a bit challenging in places but not really hard, the decorations and themes for the holes really diverse and some were incredibly well done!!! My obvious favourites were Predator and Bumble Bee but the skill based holes were really good too and the whole set up held my attention really well - which, to be honest, mini golf doesn't normally. The staff were incredibly bubbly, friendly and helpful, she even took our victory photos - there is a first second and third podium set up for photos, it was a really fun touch!” – Melissanova

“Great play, very busy but worth visiting. Not too expensive and kids had a ball. Close to town easy parking and easy to fing.” – Louise W.

“Spent the morning here with a couple of kids six years and under. It was great fun, challenging and the kids were kept entertained with the great design of the holes. The last two holes were great with bumble bee and a vacuum return shoot. Recommend supporting this great little business.” – Matthew G.

“Great little set up, my 9 year old has now been 3 times over a one week stay: she loves it! Very good for kids and parents alike.” – Nicholle

“We always have a round of Mini golf to start our Holidays. This would have to be the Best Mini golf on the South Coast. It extremely challenging and great fun to play and the best thing is that it is very well maintained and several of the Holes have been updated to make them more fun. Very well priced. We will be back – again.” – David P.

“Today was our 3rd time here & likely to return. Great little course & not too pricey either, Recommended for all ages.” – Scott B.

“Such a good idea for an outdoor activity with a group of friends. Just played an awesome round with friends and super impressed with the course! Extremely friendly staff, great atmosphere and at a very generous price, definitely recommend to friends and family for future outtings in the bay.”– Tash K.

“This was possibly the best mini golf course I have visited. Each hole was very different and had lots of interesting options. The course was clean and extremely well maintained. We will visit again before we finish our holiday.” – Dana F.

All reviews via TripAdvisor 

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